Charity Visit to Pertubuhan Rumah Sinar, Bukit Mertajam

On 7th October 2021, Quinton Group has organized a half-day visit to Pertubuhan Rumah Sinar Bukit Mertajam, which is the home to more than 30 handicapped and disabled children. 

We were given a guided tour showing the environment of the place during the visit. After that, a donation amount of RM60,000 was presented by our International Business Development Director, Jason Lim and CMO, CJ Seow to the representative at the charity house. 

This visit has allowed us an opportunity to have an up-close understanding about the children’s needs. We hope that the time spent together was uplifting and the financial token given were of assistance in providing some measure of comfort and improvement to the welfare of the children.

At Quinton Group, we believe that Quinton Charity Movement (QCM) is a way by which we fill our roles and responsibilities within our community. Together, we can contribute positively to our society and environment and build a loving community over time.

To provide help, you may contact the below:

Pertubuhan Rumah Sinar Bukit Mertajam  

Address: 2688, Jalan Rozhan, Taman Hwa Seng, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

Tel: 04-551 2688



2021 年10月7 日,我们组织了为期半天的活动,参观了深爱残障儿童福利中心。这里是 30 多名残疾儿童的家园。

在参观期间,负责人向我们展示了这个地方的环境。 之后,我们的国际业务发展总监Jason Lim 和CMO CJ Seow 亲自向福利中心的代表捐赠了RM60,000。

这次的参观让我们有机会近距离了解残疾孩子们的需求。 我们希望在一起度过的时光是令人振奋的,和所提供的经济捐赠有助于为孩子们生活和环境的改善。

在桥格集团,我们相信 Quinton Charity Movement (QCM) 是一个让我们在社区中扮演角色和承担责任的一种方式。 我们希望可以共同为我们的社会和环境做出积极贡献,并建立一个充满爱心的社会。



地址:2688, Jalan Rozhan, Taman Hwa Seng, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

电话: 04-551 2688