Quinton Capital, an investment arm of Quinton Group, has formally signed an agreement with ECH World Wide Energy. 55% of Quinton Capital shares will be acquired for US$250mil (about RM1bil) over the next two years. ECH will also become major shareholder of Quinton Capital.

This joint venture was finally completed after months of discussion between the board of directors and shareholders of the two companies. With the latest joint venture, both companies are looking at a bright future filled with opportunities where the digital landscape development and ecosystem can be further enhanced.

Headquartered in Japan, ECH has over 10 years of international development experience in power generation, engineering, and renewal energy. With a wide business scope covering 13 countries, ECH receives endorsements from a renowned Japanese bank headquartered in Tokyo.

This solid background and support confirmed that ECH has a cash deposit of up to US$900mil and the ability to invest in Quinton Group’s development.

“We are delighted to be able to join hands with ECH, which will bring us on an exciting journey and further milestones where Quinton Group can achieve higher. Additionally, this capital injection over the next two years will also be used to revitalise the Quinton Ecosystem, such as food delivery, ecommerce, entertainment, medical care, education and others.” said Quinton Group managing director Datuk Dr Kenny Tan.

“I have always had great confidence in Quinton Group’s innovative business model, and I am also very interested in the group’s development potential. Through this strategic capital injection, the strong cooperation between the two sides will form a new core competitive advantage.” ECH chief executive officer Eng Chin Heng said.

ECH will work closely with Quinton Group to enhance business development and profitability under the guidance of common interests. The joint efforts to develop Quinton Group into a local company with international advanced standards in the next two years will be made possible, as well as making contributions to the economic and social development of Malaysia.

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