Introducing Comepulse

Comepulse is the latest healthcare venture of Quinton Group and it is a life-saving mobile app that provides healthcare services to you at your fingertips. It allows the general public to connect with professional healthcare providers with just a push of button. 

Here are some of the major features of the Comepulse app that will be introduced by phase. 

Video Consultation

Comepulse uses technology to provide real-time visual and audio patient assessment at a distance. This service allows patients to consult doctors without the need to be physically present.

Book your appointment

By making your appointment online, it helps to reduce the spread of infection by reducing your stay at the clinic.

Healthcare E-Marketplace

Wide range of healthcare supplements, tonic and products. Coming soon.

Medicine Delivery

Delivering your prescription to you on the same day. Coming Soon.

Sync With Your Smart Gadgets

Sync our app with your fitness gadgets to track health status. Coming Soon.

With just a few simple steps, you can now enjoy quality healthcare services that are convenient, safe and affordable to everyone. Comepulse is backed by a strong Quinton Ecosystem, ensuring quality, technology enhancement and wide user coverage. 

Download the Comepulse app today!  It is available to download for free from the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. 


Comepulse 推介:健康与保健的未来

Comepulse 是 Quinton Group 最新推出的医疗保健应用程序。它是一款可以拯救生命的移动应用程序,为您提供触手可及的医疗保健服务。 只需按一下按钮,公众即可与专业的医疗保健提供者联系。

以下是将分阶段推出的 Comepulse 应用程序的一些主要功能:


Comepulse 使用远端技术提供实时视觉和音频链接医生为患者进行医疗评估。 这项服务使患者无需亲自到场也咳哟咨询医生。




在这里可以轻易找到范围广泛的保健补品、滋补品和有关产品。 即将推出。


24小时内将您的处方交付给您。 即将推出。


将我们的应用程序与您的健身电子设备同步连接以跟踪健康状况。 即将推出。


只需几个简单的步骤,您现在就可以享受到方便、安全且人人负担得起的优质医疗保健服务。 Comepulse 由强大的 Quinton 生态系统提供支持,确保质量、技术增强和广泛的用户覆盖。

您可从 IOS App Store 和 Google Play Store 免费下载 Comepulse 应用程序。立即下载吧!