The Board of Directors of Quinton Capital Sdn. Bhd. would like to announce that the acquisition of Quinton Group Sdn. Bhd…. >> Read Article

In conjunction with the World Blood Donor Day, Quinton Charity Movement (QCM) has come together with telemedicine… >> Read Article

On 19 April 2022, Quinton Group has officially moved into its own office building at Wisma Quinton, Jelutong, Penang… >> Read Article

Quinton Capital, an investment arm of Quinton Group, has formally signed an agreement with ECH World Wide Energy… >> Read Article

Untapping the market in rural communities by transforming businesses through Quinton Group’s Digital Business Ecosystem… >> Read Article

Semarak Kasih Quinton 2022 was held at Kuantan The Zenith Hotel last weekend. It was an event full of recognition and appreciation… >> Read Article

疫情后的市场逐渐趋向数码化,虽然渐多中小型企业也随之迎向转型的契机,却不时面对抗拒性,不确定性及门槛性的困难… >> Read Article

It was a momentous occasion for us last weekend with the grand opening of 2 branches of Quin Mart in Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan respectively, and Q Hotel in Kuantan… >> Read Article

We had an amazing time at the premiere of “Gila Gusti” – Malaysia’s first professional wrestling film produced by Quin Media and supported by APAC Wrestling… >> Read Article

A huge THANK YOU for your generous support in contributing to Tabung Bantuan Bencana Banjir. Through the initiative, we have raised… >> Read Article

Quin Mart always stays ahead of the latest trends and wants to offer refreshing drinks you can’t find anywhere else. Our first house brand drinks: Q+ Drinks will be launched soon... >> Read Article

We are excited to announced that Quick Sent mobile app is now available on the iOS App Store. Download, browse… >> Read Article

Quinton Capital, a new investment arm of Quinton Group has successfully through a private placement exercise, invested and held 7,300,000 shares of Actcelerate International Group, a listed company in the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX).. >> Read Article

Quinton Group Year End Beach Party took place on 18 December 2021 at the Angsana Teluk Bahang Hotel, Penang. We are thrilled and honored to have everyone with us.. >> Read Article

We are aware of how useful and valuable the Quin Reward App is for our users when it comes to collecting vouchers and redemption with our business partners .. >> Read Article

While we are still recovering from unexpected incidents globally, 2021 is still a great year for us to celebrate our own achievements. We are blessed and honoured to receive the Outstanding SME Award from Golden Bull Awards this year!  >> Read Article

On 7th October 2021, Quinton Group has organized a half-day visit to Pertubuhan Rumah Sinar Bukit Mertajam, which is the home to more than 30 handicapped and disabled children. A donation amount of RM60,000.. >> Read Article

At Quinton Group, we like to visit the charities in order to get to know the charity itself and the people behind it.  This enables us to build a strong relationship and .. >> Read Article

Uniquely gifted in sniffing out untapped market territories, Kenny and Alvin kickstarted Quinton Group in January 2018 after observing the ever-changing trend of Internet provider in China, US as well as other countries in Southeast Asia and decided it’s time to encompass Malaysia with the enticing charm of internet value.. >> Read Article

Pandemik Covid-19 telah memberi impak besar kepada ekonomi khususnya industri pelancongan bukan sahaja di Malaysia malah seluruh dunia.

Bagi memulihkan ekonomi, semua pihak wajar saling menyokong sama ada kerajaan yang memerintah, parti politik, sektor swasta termasuk pemain industri pelancongan.. >>Read Article

互联网电子商务企业桥格集团(Quinton Group)通过旗下互联网生态系统,凝聚多元手机应用程序电子平台,从日常消费到商家形式,为消费者与商家们带来共赢市场价值。目前,桥格集团推出QuinReward(电子消费)、QuickSent(外卖物流)、Quin Pavilion(网络商城)、CityGen(生活服务)四大平台 ,资源整合数据市场,打造大数据.. >>Read Article

目前互联网事业全面开发,是人流客源都大幅度转移至线上的时代,在当今世道低迷之际,对于业绩处于瓶颈的商家想要提高营销效率,互联网营销系统,绝对是一条突围之路。虽然许多商家都有转战线上的念头,却苦于无从下手,会顾虑到资金、技术、人手、宣传等种种元素,导致大家陷于一种心理状态:不转型=等死,转型=找死?.. >> Read Article

桥格提供给星洲人优惠,索取方式简单,使用网址:,只需在Quicksent Food Delivery选择餐点后,于checkout的部份输入星洲人专属优惠码Promo code:QSSINCHEW优惠就可以享有50%折扣!有关50%折扣只限于一次交易,最高可折扣数额是RM30.. >>Read Article


线上企业联盟促进会成立的宗旨是协助中小企业,尤其是传统饮食业者打通线下… >>Read Article

桥格集体与马来西亚旅游局五年合作计划推动三千万人一亿收入旅游年目标3千萬人次1千億收入旅遊年有信心目標。2020大馬旅遊年秘書處主任拿督阿瑪阿都加法指出,即使中國因為受到新型冠狀病毒疫情的影響而暫時取消所有來往航班,他仍有信心我國可以實現2020大馬旅.. >> Read Article

为了促进大马中小企业的发展,《商页The Page》与 CITYPlus FM特别精心安排《商页菁英特刊2018》(The Page Elite Entrepreneurs Special Edition 2018)受表扬的企业家们,接受电台的专访,让更多人了解他们的创业故事以及成功商业模式,促使各领域商家们的交流..>>Watch Video

“The Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award” is a prestigious international business award which has been successfully organized for sixteen consecutive years since year 2002 by the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Committee. More than 700 remarkable… >>Watch Video