Quick Sent Is On IOS Now!

We are thrilled to announce we are officially launching our mobile app on the IOS App Store! Download it for free and tell us what you think! Browse for the local flavors you crave, order whatever you like, all at the click of a button and we will do the rest!

Quicksent Food Delivery is Malaysia’s food delivery app, serving customers delightful meals from street food, hawker stalls ,food court to restaurant dining. Download it now for free from the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. 


Quick Sent IOS 应用程序已上线!

我们很高兴地宣布,Quick Sent 苹果手机应用程序已在 IOS App Store 全面上线! 欢迎 IOS 用户免费下载并告诉我们您的想法! 现在就打开 Quick Sent 寻找您想吃的道地美食吧!只需用手指轻轻点几下就可以订购您想吃的美食!接下来的就交给我们,将美食送到您门前!

Quick Sent 是马来西亚的外卖平台应用程序,专为用户提供街头、小贩摊位、美食中心等道地美食。 立即从 IOS App Store 和 Google Play Store 免费下载吧!