Quin Mart Launching Q+ Drinks

Quin Mart have officially debut its first house brand drinks: Q+ Vitamin Drinks and Q+ Energy Drinks soon. Whether recovering from a tough workout or just needing to cool down on a hot summer day, Q+ drinks are thirst-quenchers to try.

Quin Mart always stays ahead of the latest trends and wants to offer refreshing drinks you can’t find anywhere else. You can now get them from more than 30 locations all over Malaysia.

To find out where the nearest Quin Mart outlet is, check out Quin Mart official Facebook page here.

Quin Mart 新饮品上市

Quin Mart 推出首款自家品牌饮品:Q+ 维生素饮品和 Q+ 能量饮品。 无论是从锻炼中恢复还是在炎热的夏日降温,Q+ 饮料都可以让您解渴.

Quin Mart 一直走在产品最新趋势,并希望提供在其他任何地方都找不到的清凉饮品。 如今可以从全马 30 多个Quin Mart 便利店找到它们.

要了解离最近的 Quin Mart 分店在哪里,请在此处查看 Quin Mart 官方 Facebook.