Quin Reward Roll Out New Interface

We are aware of how useful and valuable the Quin Reward App is for our users when it comes to collecting vouchers and redemption with our business partners. That is why it is very important to us to constantly overhaul and improve our app while also making it look even better.

Now the time has come again and we have redesigned the app for you. With the improvement, we hope you’ll find it easier to navigate the app. You can certainly find all the features you had before. Such as collecting Subsidy Vouchers, quickly finding local collaboration partners near you, and quickly opening the app to redeem at the collaboration partners’ stores.

Have fun collecting Subsidy Vouchers while making your redemption with Quick Sent, Quin Pavilion, and our other collaboration partners. Update your app today to enjoy a better interface! If you do not have the Quin Reward App, get it now! It is free to download from iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

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Quin Reward 推出全新应用程序

我们深知 Quin Reward 应用程序对我们的用户在日常当中有多么重要,尤其是在收集优惠卷和在商家处兑换商品的时刻。 这就是为什么我们不断地检修和改进我们的应用程序,同时使其页面看起来更好看。

现在,更新的时刻又到了。所有功能依然保存,如收集Subsidy Voucher、寻找您附近的商家伙伴,以及在合作伙伴商店扫描兑换,但随着改进,您可享有更完善和更轻松的浏览体验。

我们希望您在收集Subsidy Voucher并在我们的合作伙伴进行兑换的时候可以获得更多的乐趣。 如果您没有自动更新Quin Reward应用程序,请立即下载最新版本并试用我们的全新界面。如果您还没有 Quin Reward App,您可从iOS App Store、Google Play Store 和Huawei App Gallery 免费下载。

有关 Quin Reward 的最新消息,请留守我们的 Facebook专页。