Quinton Group Helps Karak Fire Victims

On the night of October 1st, more than 50 houses and 11 shops at Kampung Baru Karak were destroyed in the fire that broke out at 9.10pm. The tragedy had caused more than 150 people to lose their homes and everything they had. It is one of the worst fire tragedies that has ever happened in Karak. Fortunately there were zero fatalities and injuries. 

Quinton Group provided help to victims in Kampung Baru Karak who had lost their homes and fortune in the devastating fire, extending aid of RM10,000 to the victims. Quinton Group has always been committed to helping people in need. That’s our responsibility to society too: to give while we have the ability to give. 

This is part of our Quinton Charity Movement (QCM) initiative. QCM is a charity initiative that gathers all the love and caring from users and merchants to provide aid to the people who are in need. 


10 月1日,晚上9点10 分,在加叻新村发生了一场火灾,烧毁了 50 多所房屋和 11 家商店。 这场悲剧导致 150 多人失去家园和他们所拥有的一切。 这是有史以来加叻最严重的火灾悲剧之一。 然而,所幸的是,死亡人数和受伤人数为零。

桥格集团为加叻新村的受害者提供了 10,000 令吉的援助。他们在一场毁灭性的火灾中失去了家园和财富。桥格集团一直致力于帮助有需要的人。 这也是我们对社会的责任,在我们有能力给予的时候提供帮助。

这项善举是我们 Quinton Charity Movement (QCM) 的策划之一。 QCM 是一项凝聚用户和商家的爱心和关怀,为有需要的人提供帮助的慈善策划。