Save A Hotel, Save Tourism!

Covid-19 pandemic has infected us so badly, particularly in the tourism sector. The rise of cases lead to the announcement of Movement Control Order (MCO) and it is heartbreaking news to the hotel industry which could lead to a crisis even permanent closure to hotels.

Therefore, we need to stand up and rescue the hotel industry by showing our support to them.

“Save A Hotel” is a StayWhere initiative that promotes nearby hotels on our website and social media in order to draw new clients. 

We would like to contribute the best effort to save our precious Malaysia Hotel. In addition to the recovery action by domestic tourism, we are welcoming hoteliers to contact us for this meaningful marketing program. 

StayWhere invites our followers to visit Malaysia, stay in our gorgeous hotels, and rediscover the thrill of domestic travel after the pandemic in order to help the country’s tourism industry recover.

Go together, go further! Let’s unite to combat the pandemic and rebuild the glory moments like before or even do it better than it!

Contact us for more information.